I love bears


I love bears alot!! I dont really have the proper words to describe how much I love bears!!!!!!!

My love for bears started from when I was a baby with my winnie the pooh plushie which I still have! It's very disheveled but if I restuffed it it'd look brand new again! It was my favourite plushie and I would sleep, eat and shower with it. In primary school my favourite animal was foxes but it wasn't really my favourite. It was like the defult answer to whenever someone asked me what my favourite animal was. I got no idea why I like bears nor do I know what made me so attracted to bears.

Dropout bear

Techincally my love for bears kindaa started from my obession with Kanye West's bear mascot 'dropout bear' more specifically graduation dropout bear. Graduation used to my favourite album from Ye but over time it changed and now my favourite album is Yeezus. (I don't support Ye's views at all nor do I keep up with him anymore.)

3005 bear

Of course I couldn't talk about bears wthout talking about the 3005 bear! Did you know the bear was bought from toysRus?! I thought the bear was custom made for this video but it wasn't. You can no longer buy it anymore instore or online but maybe if you time travlled back to 2014 you probaly can.


I've always wanted to get this guy but I already have too many plushuies. I also dont need another giant plushie. The last time I've went to an Ikea was 3 or 2 years ago and I never saw this dude anywhere in the Ikea. I probably did but my memories ass.

The Bear

This is kinda of bear reltated. Anwyays I LOVE THIS SHOW I CANT WAIT FOR SEASON 3!

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