Specifcally on my tik tok page theres been a trend where you show your favourite youtube essays anwyasy here are my favourite youtube essays. Videos are orgained from less serious to serious topics!

Regular Show Theory: Why Saying “My Mom” is Scientifically the Best Insult

An incrediable video scientifically anaylising why the "My Mom" insult from regular show is this best insult.

Mystery Meat: A Search for the Truth

A kebab or stright up dookie. spoilers: I dont even know if they ever did an update if they've found out or not. I guess we'll never know.

Self-Aware Game Mechanics - FUNKe Study

It was pretty hard to pick between which FUNKe video I wanted here. If you do end up watching this one and enojying I recommend his unconventional vr machanics and movement fps videos!

What is Good Acting?

VERY MILD SPOILERS: succession, breaking bad (yet to see the first few star wars movies)

Silly video by Mister Drew Gooden! I can completely reassure you the spoilers for succession and breaking bad are not bad at all but very mild. If you've never seen either shows don't worry it won't ruin the experience.

Conservatives are Bad at S*x

CONTENT WARNINGS: mysoginy, s*xual assult, queerphobia and racism.

OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! This one right here! I love this video! this one is fairly long an hour and forty minutes but I definatly recconmend it to ANYONEE! I also reccomend F.D Signifier's many other videos!

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